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Neues Bild ^

Aus Wolf at the door von Travis Jeppesen:

A partial inventory of destroyed works (in chronological order):
Melted Bronze Hat (sledgehammer)
Saturn Upside Down (dropped)
The dog eats out my eyes (sledgehammer)
Neptunes Allotment (fire)
Bad Hole (swallowed anonymously)
Hair in the Jizz (toilet)
NEOMAN (chainsaw)

Morph Program (fell off table)
Whores in the Imagination (lost by collector)
Cosmomurderousness (ingested)
ABCBCBA (scrapped)
The Logic of Decay (smashed)
Visceral Daffodils (stupid)
Static Cholesterol Lexicon (internal malfunction; thus imploded)
Mystical Tentacle (eaten by neighbor’s pussylicker)
The Hidden Inventory (lost)
Guinea Pig Semen (breakfast)
Cat’s Die (sledgehammer)
Protein Enema (destroyed by collector)
Toothpast Lubricant (confiscated by police)
Blips at Stardust (fell on patron in gallery; subsequently destroyed in fit of anger by patron via umbrella)
Cathodal ex ray (fire)
Pure Whatage (fire)
Scrape that classical fizz of the gravity machine (mistaken for explosive device; removed from museum; whereabouts unknown)
Crusty Cognizance (shattered by gallerist perhaps accident)

Altes Bild v


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One response to “no title

  1. Ph

    sehen gut aus, die beiden bilder!
    weiter!(hab mich beim letzten wort 3x vertippt)

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