I thought it would be enough that he was transparent …

Was ich letzte Woche verpasst habe:

  • Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau: TO LOSE @ STYX Projects.
    Stills aus meinem Liebslings-Video: Artstar
    Brody, Paetau: but he is also wet ...
    Brody, Paetau: Between us, this has been already done but ...
    Brody, Paetau: Wolfgang Tillmans did it
    Brody, Paetau: we could have said that ...
  • Unfamiliar drawing experiment #1 with Amy Sillman and Sadie Benning im Basso. Im Rahmen von ANFANG GUT. ALLES GUT.
    „A live drawing experiment, constructed in honor of the scene in Victory over the Sun in which the telephone operator is informed of the sun’s demise. In this version, the „audience“ will direct „the artist“ to draw (some-thing!? it is up to the audience to say!).“

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