Keilrahmen forever?

Während ich noch überlege ob ich zu einer der drei painting forever! Eröffnungen gehen soll hat Despina Stokou einen Erfahrungsbericht geposted:

-Would Ellen like to visit my current show in Mitte, see how everything is installed in space…

-You understand of course that with so many artists Ellen does not have time to visit everybody.

Ahm, yeah… but maybe not everybody has a show running now…

-Of course

-Could I use a shelf or a little podest in space. I rarely hang the canvases you know, they always lean on something.

-No, the paintings should hang within the limitation of their own material.

This show feels like a punishment.


– We need a picture of your work. Not for the catalogue, there will only be photos of the installation in there, but still, maybe we will need it for the press.

-This show is adressing a younger generation of viewers, who are not aware what painting is.

Didn’t they doodle on the iPad?


Later I met Ellen in Basel and got to know a bit more.
-Yeah this is a show I inherited from my predecessor and now I am trying to do…

Your worst. You are trying to do your worse aren’t you…

Keilrahmen Keilrahmenfoto der Woche: via Brian Kennys Tumblr: @erikakeck new works showing some leg #sassy

Aber neben einem verblödeten Konzept gibt es – zufällig – auch einige gute Sachen zu sehen: Katrin Plavcak, Gunter Reski, Markus Weber, Michaela Eichwald, Claudia Zweifel, …

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